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If you are aiming for a Physical Transformation, you need our ZenFusion Flow rope !


Using our ZenFusion Flow rope in Flow rope routines delivers a dynamic full-body workout that aligns seamlessly with the user's capabilities, enhancing cardiovascular health, strength, and flexibility. 


Your Cognitive Agility will also be stimulated ! Flow rope's intricate patterns engage the mind, enhancing concentration, memory, and problemsolving skills.

ZenFusion rope

$61.19 Regular Price
$30.03Sale Price
  • This handmade rope with a weight of 475g (approx) will offer you full fluidity of execution. It will offer you a greater versatility of movement and will allow you to create new moves more easily!


    Click on this link below for all the best benefits and free shipping for Prime members:

    ZenFusion Flow rope on Amazon

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